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At TLC Chiropractic PLC, you can enhance your total body health with the help of our wide variety of chiropractic services.  Keep your nervous and immune system healthy to prevent any kind of injuries or illness in the future. Call us for a free consultation today or you can stop by our office in Virginia, MN.  

 •  Rotator cuff syndrome

 •  Tendonitis

 •  Tennis elbow

 •  Bursitis

 •  Disc related injuries

 •  Fibromyalgia

 •  Sciatica

Let us help you heal your ailments

  • Sharp back or neck pain

  • Herniated or bulging disks

  • Shoulder, arm or leg pain stemming from the back or neck

  • Back pain / neck pain

  • Shoulder pain / Arthritic pain

  • Chronic aching

  • Scoliosis

Chiropractic care for your body pains

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Providing superior quality chiropractic services to the Quad cites area. Count on our reliable chiropractic help for your work-related injuries!

 •  Headaches

 •  Carpal tunnel syndrome

 •  Acute pains

 •  Bursitis

 •  Disc related injuries

 •  Chronic pains

 •   Neck and shoulder stiffness